Nick’s Holiday Peek-A-News Challenge On WKN

holidaypeekplaynowThe holiday season is in Webkinz World! Along with snow and Santakinz, there is a holiday Peek-A-Newz challenge on WKN!

Starting on December 1st and ending December 11th, Phun Photos followers will have loads of Christmas fun with this Nick’s Holiday Peek-A-News challenge. You can find it on WKN!


All you have to do is find Nick five times, click on him each of the times you find him and fill in the info needed. Then, a special award will be added to your Webkinz World account. This is a great way to get into the holiday spirit! The usual limit of one prize per day goes for this Nick’s Holiday Peek-A-News challenge. To view previous Peek-A-News from this year, please check our Webkinz Information section.nick


Snow And Santakinz Come To Webkinz World

First_Snow_smallerIts December and that means, well, winter is in Webkinz World! Snow has come just in time for winter, and you will see it when you go into your backyard. It won’t get warm anytime soon, so expect that the snow will stay till around mid-February. Your gardens will still be ok, so you can still plant and harvest them. Strange thing is, Treetop rooms stay green forever.

But in the Clubhouse…….

Clubhouse_Santakinz_RoomAnother favourite is the Santakinz Room, which you can find in the Clubhouse. Come into the room, click on Santakinz and your pet will sit on his lap. Then you can whisper into his ear what you want for Christmas. There is a choice between three items: a toy, a snowglobe, and a table decoration. The gift you select will be put in your Christmas Gift Box that you will receive when you log in on December 25th. After you are done telling Santakinz what you want, you will get a Christmas Wish Candy Cane and a photographer will take your picture with him. The picture will be sent to you by Kinzpost as a souvenir.

2012 Happy Holidays Challenge Coming To Webkinz World

a_happy_Holidays_challenge_0Its really starting to look like Christmas everywhere in Webkinz World! Just as the holiday season starts, there will be a new Happy Holidays Challenge coming December the 1st. Start collecting Kinzcash to buy all the things you’l need for Christmas!

All Phun Photos followers will be able to win many prizes. The grand prize is the amazing Kinzville Christmas Tree to your map. Just complete all the tasks and it could be yours.

a_Kinzville_Xmas_tree_2Be sure to check out the Happy Holidays Challenge icon on the side of your screen. You have until the first day of 2013 to complete your challenge.

Thanks for reading!

Sneak Peek Of Virtual Sweetheart Pup

Yesterday, Phun Photos brought you a sneak peek of the Sweetheart Pup coming January 2013. WKN has given us a sneak peek of the virtual version of this sweet and cute pet.

The adorable Sweetheart Pup loves curl up in its PSI, the Bean Bag Bed, as much as it loves to share tarts and candy with everyone. To start off a Monday, it wakes up to a delicious bowl of Sweetheart Ceareal,its PSF, mmm… yummy!

If you wish to buy the Sweetheart Pup and other January non-collection pets, we suggest to buy from online stores. Online stores usually feature all the pets you want and cost about the same as from street stores. It may take a little longer, but it is totally woth it. Look how cute they all are!

New Nakamas Video Challenge On WKN

A great new Video Challenge is now on WKN with a great prize to win. It is called the Nakamas Video Challenge that is part of a Nakamas promo.



All that Phun Photos followers need to do to win is to watch the video and answer the trivia question after you watch! The video is about 30 seconds or so, so you can grab the prize quickly and easily.



A Nakamas Festive Holiday Wreath is the prize which can be put in your pets room. As usually, a limit of one prize per day goes for this Nakamas Video Challenge.

New Floaty Clicky In Webkinz World!

Phun Photos followers probably had a bit of a suprise when doing something (hopefully nothing too important) this morning on their WW accounts. You guessed it, a new Floaty Clicky!

It is part of an Amazing World promo, but, you can look for a small map floating around on your account. When you click on the map, you will be rewarded an Amazing World Festive Holiday Wreath that can be hung up in your pets room to decorate for Christmas!


Hope you win this Amazing prize,as Phun Photos did this morning. To view previous click to wins from this year, check our Webkinz Information section on the sidebar.

Sneak Peek Of Winter Solstice Stag And Polka Dot Dalamtian

WKN has released a sneak peek of two new Webkinz that will soon be making their way to Kinzville!

The first of the pair, the Winter Solstice Stag! Its a perfect holiday pet that will put you in a Christmasy mood. The second of the two is the Polka Dot Dalmatian! It is sure to be cuddled up next to you with the rest of your Webkinz.

For now, we do not know the release date, or what their PSI and PSF is. When we get more info, we will update.